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Being a veteran myself, I’m concerned about problems veterans face upon separation from their service branch.

Those with physical problems need extra accommodations in housing to have an easier life.

Others have the natural change in daily routines, adaptation complications, which most will overcome, with time.

Often overlooked, but very real are the problems their family has readjusting to the return of their long-deployed person. The ones who remained behind have carried on, after adjusting their emotions. Now they as a group must readjust to each other. That naturally takes a while.

Then there is the question of daily activity, a work placement, or in retirement, of adjusting to the other partner’s usual activity.

All told, the reintegration period isn’t easy. That they are doing this without their service friends, makes it all harder with no one to turn to for counsel or help.

These complications in veteran’s lives show it can be a rough road at times.

Most veterans get through their readjustment and go on to live long full lives.

In the Housing Areas section, I mention veteran housing and how this could help in some instances.

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