Housing Areas

If veterans lived near each other, they would help one another through the rough spots and the occasional ‘downer days’.

Toward that end, I’ve developed a house, 40 feet by 40 feet (1,600 square feet), which is a mix of the old-old Sears kit houses from the 1920s and 1930s, and today’s modular housing. The design is too complex to go into further detail here, other than to point out such houses cost much less. Suffice to say, it sits on 52 feet by 52 feet concrete pad, which makes it at the same time safer, and quicker to build. The difference of the size of the house versus the size of the pad results in an 8-foot-wide veranda on all four sides of the house. The veranda is covered by a roof. Prefabricated sections will be available at an extra cost in case the buyer wants to make the veranda four seasons available. I calculate that the result, sitting on a half-acre lot will give plenty of outside lawn space, without stirring up any grass cutting woes.

Housing Areas will be located within easy driving distance of Veteran’s Hospitals, so their facilities can be used.

An in-house bus will be available for transportation.

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